Computer Repair Services

We Repair All Desktop, CAD Workstation, Laptop, iMac, Macbook Pro, Gaming PC & Server Disaster Recovery:

  • Slow computer performance? No Internet? Constant Windows errors using your Chrome? Ask about our Performance Service Packages.
  • Monitor too dim? Cracked Gorilla Glass or Laptop or Macbook Pro Screen Cracked
  • We service all computer brands: Apple (Macbook Pro), Apple (iMac), HP (Hewlett Packard) Dell, Acer, ASUS
  • Power Supply Issues: UPS or battery backup failure. Strange beeping or computer won’t turn on
  • Setting an appointment with Baton Rouge Computer easy (click here)
  • Our friendly customer support staff is ready to help you with whatever your computer needs.

–Some common problems you might notice with your computer:

  • A bloated Windows 10 or Apple OS High Sierra profile causing a severe system slowdown
  • Viruses even malware and spyware can affect hard drive speeds and video refresh Hz FPS during gaming as well as designing systems like     AutoCAD or MAPS

  • Gaming systems that have P2P Origin or Steam Client running poorly. Punkbuster and Electronic Arts (EA) GUID and IP kicks or bans too! There might be a way to cleanup your reputation on BF4DB Gravatar or user profile because of unknown hacking or haxors or haxers

  • Malware can affect the performance of all of these systems video issues on GTX 1050 and 1080 with Ryzen CPUs (the whole nine yards)! I am with clan on BF4 Tactical Gaming as an administrator. Our company has a lot of experience with these security and reputational setbacks
    EMAIL Client system Outlook or Apple Mail stop working.

  • Malicious programs or scripts run with or without you permission.

  • These can be easly clicked from an advertizement or a link. They disguse themselves “Deal of the Day” or Coupon printers
  • Having any of these could mean.
  • Runs very slowly or freezes often
  • Gets very hot, or the fan is very noisy
  • Lots of pop-up advertisements, or viruses phishing email server
  • Blue screen BSOD or Rainbow pinwheel spinning
  • Doesn’t turn on or won’t turn on fully
  • These issues can have many different causes

— Trust the A+ CompTIA certified technicians at Baton Rouge Computer & 123MACPC LLC to discover the root of the problem with your computer and the best and secure ways to repair the problem.

Our technicians can usually solve your computer woes a couple of hours.
The reason why? We have an incredible remote techicain staff.

The only requirement is you have an internet connection.
Click here >>> and call (225) 362-7123 we will take your billing information and begin work. It’s that simple.
If you don’t have an internet connection?

–Call our office let us, show you how to setup a hotspot from your phone
With such a fast turnaround, why would you struggle with a failing computer?