Data Recovery

New hard drives that have no moving parts are called: Solid State Drive or SSD (es es dee) for short

Damage or clicking on your hard Drive?
STOP! Turn it off now!
Don’t make it worse! Mechanical parts are involved like bearings and motors!

Trust your hard drive’s data recovery job to Baton Rouge Computer.

Data recovery at Baton Rouge Computer is a daily part of our business and we know that business well.

We can handle most any data recovery in house. Some data recovery projects have to be sent out to our clean room and recovery engineering department. At BatonRouge.Computer if we can’t recover the data. the examination call is free.

Older hard drives have high speed 5800 to 7200 even 10000(10k)RPM a motor causes spinning plates inside. On a hard drive, the heads ‘fly’ above the disk surface with clearance of as little as 3 nanometers. That is why it is important to turn off all power sources to the hard drive because even more damage can occur. Partition schemes can fail or serious noise can come from the hard disk and be very noticable. This is not good.

Baton Rouge Computer can fix it in house. We also have our off-site engineering facility secured with SOC 2 Type II audited and HIPAA compliant data recovery. They are also equipped with ISO-5, Class 100 cleanroom facilities. After they look at a systemic hd failure they can actually rebuild your hard disk system and searching for problems like:

* Motor not spinning up
* Read or Write Head-to-platter crash
* Controller board failure
* Dropped External Drive
* Water Damage